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Robert Carlyle - SDCC 2013 [x]

From last year, but I haven’t seen it before! I’m guessing that’s the Omni hotel?

Hmm it doesn’t look like the Omni hotel

I wonder which one it is? I didn’t get a chance to visit any of the hotels.

It’s Manchester Grand Hyatt.

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Belle frowned. “You can’t think like that, darling.” She told him. “It won’t help. I believe in you, Rumple. I believe you’ll get our son back.”

"You believed in me last night, too," he reminded her, not unkindly. He sighed heavily. "I let you down. I let both of you down."


"I love you." She told him as she sat at the table. "And I’ll support you as we try and figure out what to do."

"What if we can’t get to him?" he asked abruptly, brokenly. What if I’ve destroyed everything? ”What then?”

"Bittersweet and strange,
finding you can change,
learning you were wrong..."
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The Great Gatsby inspired sentences. [x]

"Are you feeling quite alright, darling?"

Belle chuckled softly. “It’s perfect, sweetheart.” She told him tenderly. “No need to worry, love.”

"I wasn’t worried," he said quickly, although the quickness of the reply gave him away as a liar. "Just making sure, is all…"


She could feel him tense and she kissed his neck before slipping away to let him finish their food. “And you’ll always have me.” She promised him.

He smiled, but it was a sad smile. She said that now, but Rumpelstiltskin knew from experience that it was only a matter of time… “Thank you, sweetheart.”